"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. https://flic.kr/p/2gY4zT7

Due to Biden’s inflation, he must raise his tax pledge threshold to $480,260

Since 2020, Joe Biden has proclaimed he will not raise a single penny of tax on any American earning less than $400,000 per year. “I give you my word as a Biden,” he said.

But Biden’s inflation has significantly eroded that dollar amount since Biden took office: The Biden tax pledge is now worth only $333,152 in January 2021 (the month Biden took office) dollars, according to the federal government’s BLS inflation calculator which was updated today.

Biden’s $400,000 pledge also supposedly applies to IRS audits. He claims he will not increase the amount of IRS audits on households and small businesses making below $400,000.

But every month — due to Biden’s inflation — more and more households get swept into his tax-hike-and-audit maw.

Biden would need to raise the threshold to $480,260 in order to be consistent, again per the federal government’s BLS inflation calculator.

But Biden continues to use the $400,000 figure, hoping Americans won’t notice.

Every month, Americans for Tax Reform will announce the amount of the Biden tax pledge erosion as the new inflation data is released. Stay tuned to ATR.org/HighTaxJoe