On Monday, the Indiana House of Representatives passed House Bill 1001, a $36 billion two-year state budget that includes tax hikes on cigarettes and vaping. Under HB 1001, the cigarette tax would increase from $1 to $1.50 and a 10% retail tax would be imposed on e-cigarettes and e-liquids.  

Among the 95 representatives who voted for the cigarette and vape tax hike included in HB 1001, 16 were Taxpayer Protection Pledge signees. Out of those 16, 12 have previously broken their pledge by voting in favor of a gas tax hike in 2017.  

The following Republican House lawmakers broke their promise to voters not once, but twice, by supporting tax hikes on Hoosiers:  

Representative Robert Behning (R-91) 

Representative Timothy Brown (R-41) 

Representative Martin Carbaugh (R-81) 

Representative Bob Cherry (R-53) 

Representative Steven Davisson (R-73) 

Representative Jeff Ellington (R-62) 

Representative Bob Heaton (R-46) 

Representative Todd Huston (R-37) 

Representative Don Lehe (R-25) 

Representative Jim Lucas (R-69) 

Representative Jerry Torr (R-39) 

Representative Cindy Ziemke (R-55) 

You can see the list of those who broke their pledge by voting for a gas tax increase in 2017 here