What a difference a year makes. The American Conservative Union (ACU) recently awarded the Indiana House as the “Most Conservative House of Representatives” in the country, with ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp touting Indiana as a “beacon for conservatism.” ACU might consider revoking that award, as that legislative body recently approved multiple tax hikes, which include the following:
·      House Bill 1002: A 30 percent increase in the state’s gas tax, taking the rate from 33.59 cents to 43.59 cents per gallon
·      House Bill 1001: $1-per-pack cigarette tax increase, taking the rate from $0.995 to $1.995
After being hit with 20 federal Obamacare tax increases over the last eight years, the last thing hardworking Hoosier taxpayers need is to have lawmakers in Indianapolis pile on with further tax hikes at the state level, but that is what the Indiana House of Representative have done.
The Indiana Senate will take up these House-approved tax hikes next week. Hopefully, for Indiana taxpayers, the state senate is more adverse to tax hikes than their House counterparts.