Last week Americans for Tax Reform joined numerous national and state groups put out a coalition letter in opposition to any tax hike that would be considered by the Illinois legislature.  During a recession, when families and businesses are hurting, he proposes a tax hike.  Under his plan, individual and coporate income taxes would shoot up 50 percent, the individual rate from 3 to 4.5 percent and the corporate rate from 4.8 to 7.2 percent.  Illinois legislators evaluate what happens when taxes are raised.  There comes a tipping point where those paying the taxes leave, in turn leaving the state in a more severe budget situation (i.e. California). 

Though it appears that Gov. Quinn’s plan is struggling to get off the ground, this does not mean that Illinois taxpayers are out of the woods.  Any tax hike would be detrimental to the taxpayers of Illinois and the legislature needs to oppose any and all attempts to raid taxpayer wallets. 

As outlined in the coalition letter, Illinois needs to seek reforms in spending that will save the taxpayers money.  Illinois legislators need to seek savings, not more money.  The problem is not that the state government does not take enough revenue from citizens, but rather that they spend too much of the citizens’ hard earned money.  

Photo credit to: (St Louis Garage)