Today Americans for Tax Reform sent a letter to Governor Quinn of Illinois and the entirety of the Illinois legislature opposing the Governor’s tax hike plan increasing taxes by 50%.  The question has to be asked, why is he seeking to increase the burden of government on the backs of the people of Illinois? 

If passed the people of Illinois are looking at:

-Income taxes rising from 3 to 4.5 percent

-Business taxes rising 4.8 to 7.2 percent

According to a report from the Illinois Policy Institute, both single taxpayers making $14,000 or more a year and married couples making more than $28,000 a year will be hit with this tax hike.  

Governor Quinn in Illinois seems to feel that it is his duty to raise taxes.  He has said, "Nobody likes to raise taxes.  I’m not excited to do that.  It’s hard thing to explain, but that’s my job."  He is eyeing the wrong target, rather he should be looking at cutting spending. 

Contrary to what Gov. Quinn says, the governor’s job is to govern, not to raise taxes.  That should be obvious.  Raising taxes is the opposite of governing- it is a refusal to govern.  Any tax increase is horrible policy, especially right now.  Governor Quinn’s income tax increase is absurd.  Why would one increase the burden on taxpaying citizens when they are already hurting?

-Grover Norquist

To check out the press release on Governor Quinn’s tax hike proposal please click here.