llinois’ legislature is out of session, but it doesn’t appear that it will be that way for long.  Gov. Quinn wants to get the legislature back in session, but his intentions are dangerous for the taxpayers of Illinois.  Governor Quinn, the replacement for Governor Blagojevich, has been pushing for 50% income tax hike and painting a dooms day scenario if he doesn’t get his way.  Yes, he has only been in the office for a few months, but he should know by now that spending more is not going to solve Illinois’ problems, they need reform that saves taxpayer dollars. Over 11 years from 1999 to 2010’s proposed budget, spending has increased over $20 billion, 60% of 1999’s budget.  The process of running the state into a brick wall has been taking place over the last 11 years, rushing to spend more is not the answer.  For too long they have been avoiding the real problem (overspending) and now it is time to confront it.   

Any tax increase on Illinoisans will be harmful to Illinois’ economy.  ATR is urging Gov. Quinn to veto of the Capital Plan that is riddled with tax increases (a plan costing $28.3 billion when the state is saying they are facing over an $11 billion budget problem).  With this already passed, Gov. Quinn wants more money.  Reforms are needed and any tax increase should be rejected.  ATR urges legislators to vote against any tax increase that would to be proposed in order to fund the budget.  They already went wrong earlier this year by passing tax increases as partial funding for the Capital Plan, hopefully they will not propose putting more pain to the taxpayers when they come back into session.

The current situation gives the Republicans who are in the minority leverage.  Since the legislature was not able to pass a balance budget by May 31, the constitutional deadline, there now has to be a supermajority to pass a budget.

Despite the Governor’s attempts to paint a bleak picture, the real doomsday scenario would be another tax hike for the the taxpayers of Illinois.

See ATR’s letter to Governor Quinn and the Illinois Legislature here.  

Photo Credit: St Louis Garage