Lawmakers Consider Raising Taxes

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) strongly opposes any efforts to increase taxes in Idaho.

"Increasing the tax burden on hard-working Idahoans is is the wrong way to fix the state\\\’s budget deficit, or to improve the economy in Idaho," commented Grover Norquist, President of ATR.

"Raising taxes doesn\\\’t solve the real problem with the Idaho budget – that of excessive spending. And tax increases of any kind burden businesses and taxpayers who deserve to keep more of their hard-earned income.

"I understand that there are specific proposals to increase taxes on beer that are currently moving quickly in the Idaho legislature. I strongly encourage you to oppose and vote against these proposals."

The following Idaho lawmakers signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by ATR, thereby promising to "oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes:"

Senator John Andreason (S-15)
Senator Cecil Ingram (S-16)
Senator Gerry Sweet (S-20)
Senator Jack Noble (S-21)
Senator – Mel Richardson (S-32)
Representative John Campbell (H-1A)
Representative Jim Clark (H-3A)
Representative Henry Kulczyk (H-14B)
Representative Shirley McKague (H-20B)
Representative William T. Sali (H-21A)
Representative Peter Nielsen (H-22B)
Representative Eulalie Langford (H-31B)
Representative JoAnn E. Wood (H-35A)
Representative Lenore Hardy Barrett (H-35B)