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The United Nations Copenhagen Climate Summit kicked off this week with world leaders, delegates, political activists, journalists, and celebrities meeting about how to limit worldwide carbon emissions.

The immediate result – they have all exponentially increased their carbon footprint in doing so:

  • 15,000 delegates and officials, 5,000 journalists, 98 world leaders, and numerous celebrities will be flying from all corners of the globe to Copenhagen, Denmark
  • The Copenhagen airport expects up to 140 extra private jets during the peak period alone. The airport is not large enough to hold all of these planes, so they will have to fly to regional airports or Sweden to park during the conference
  • Once at the conference, they will not be walking or biking. They expect more than 1,200 limos will be used. Majken Friss Jorgensen, managing director of Copenhagen’s biggest limousine company, says there are not enough limos in Denmark and they have to drive them from Germany and Sweden
  • Organizers expect the summit (including travel to and from the event) to produce 41,000 tons of "carbon dioxide equivalent". Over the same period the city of Middlesbrough, England (population 135,000) will produce the same amount
  • The sex, however, will be carbon-neutral, as the local sex worker’s union will be giving “freebees” to anyone with a climate conference delegate’s pass

“The actions of the conference attendees illustrate the environmental elitism thanked for the deaths of hundreds-of-thousands of Malaria victims in Africa each year because of the ban on DDT – a proven mosquito repellant,” says ATR President Grover Norquist. “How does raising taxes, increasing electricity costs and pandering to the EU and the UN help the average American family?”