The Marcellus Shale field in Ohio, for anybody concerned about finding employment, is creating jobs every day. Lately, the natural gas industry has experienced a boom, and that’s easy to do when finally companies can, while still profiting, be environmentally friendly. For decades, hydraulic fracturing has proved to be one of the safest methods for extracting natural gas. It’s also one of the cleanest methods for extracting natural gas.

Believe it or not, Ohio’s state EPA agrees that such a method hasn’t yet proved harmful to anybody within the drilling perimeter of these sites. There are 81,000 wells in total throughout the state, which obviously means the industry is doing something correctly.

In 2004, the EPA, an agency not known for its fondness towards mineral developers, concluded that no hazards were ever posed to drinking water in the surrounding areas. However, the politicized Obama EPA is singing a new tune and looking to impeded hydraulic fracturing. Last year, the EPA requested an independent study by the Science Advisory Board, going to show that no matter how much an industry proves in terms of protecting the environment, it must still pay. It seems as though every time an industry – such as fracturing – creates jobs, though, the EPA is breaths down its neck.

The EPA has repeatedly contradicted its own mission. In a 2004 memo, the agency cites numerous benefits in utilizing hydraulic fracturing. If ever we are to doubt the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing, let’s not forget that, in 2009 alone, the industry created over 72,000 jobs. Ohio should be a role model for states struggling in this over-regulated environment. Never has anything good come out of exploiting an industry in terms of regulating it to the point where any job-creating potential completely disappears. We can’t afford to allow the government to stymie even more job growth than it already is The Marcellus Shale proves its worth as people continue flocking to it as a symbol for job growth.