Howard Dean’s latest statement on health care reform clarifies what we—and he—has been saying all along: that ‘co-ops’ that are government sanctioned, government subsidized, and government run, are, in fact, the same as a ‘public option.’  

Which, in fact, is simply a ‘government option.’

See this link.

His quote: “That proposal (the co-op suggestion) is a political compromise, not a policy compromise.”

This is just what Michael O. Leavitt—former Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Governor of Utah—said in a recent Op-ed at the Wall Street Journal.

Later in the clip, Mr. Dean asks—given that Medicare is so successful—why don’t we expand Medicare for everyone?  Given other such successful programs as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the US Postal Service, and the well funded Medicaid, I think he has a point.  Maybe we could call it ‘Fannie Med.’