ATR is very-supportive of a motion to recommit that is being offered this evening on the Levin tax bill.  Usually, the minority gets one bite at the apple to amend legislation on the floor.  The House GOP has decided that they want to try to strip out the highly-unpopular paperwork burden on small businesses that Obamacare imposes.

One of the over two dozen tax hikes in Obamacare, this provision would require that every small business in America issue a 1099-MISC to any person or company it pays an aggregate $600 or more over the course of the year.  That would loop in every restaurant, airline, supplier, office supply store, etc.  The number of forms that would be generated is staggering.  Even the IRS says they can't handle the flood of paper-filed 1099s that will come in.

If President Obama and Congressional Democrats really want to help small business owners, one big step in the right direction would be to strip out this bone-headed and onerous paperwork tax on entrepreneurs.

The idea was originally posted on "America Speaking Out."  ATR has uploaded a lot of good ideas there, so we'd encourage you to visit, vote for what you like, and post your own ideas.

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