House Energy Bill Pledge Breakers

December 7, 2007–The recently-passed “Energy Independence and Security Act” contains a provision that violates the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The tax increase in question would take away a net income tax deduction to corporations. This Pledge-violating tax increase is unacceptable. All Members of the House were notified again and again that voting for this tax increase would constitute a violation of the Pledge that they made to their constituents.

Even more egregious is the fact that many of these Pledge-violators are now serial Pledge violators. All four Democrat signers of the Pledge have kept their promise 0 percent of the time this year, and Republican Pledge signers have kept their Pledge 94.7 percent of the time this year.

ATR will be key-voting this matter in our annual “Hero of the Taxpayer” Congressional scorecard.

* Parenthesis signifies number of times broken pledge this year.

(D) Pledge Takers (4)
(D) Pledge Breakers (4)

Andrews (4)
Chandler (4)
Ellsworth (4)
Taylor (4)

(R) Pledge Takers (192)
(R) Pledge Breakers (12)

Mary Bono (1)
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (2)
Mark Kirk (2)
Tim Johnson (3)
Ray LaHood (2)
Jim Ramstad (2)
Robin Hayes (3)
Frank LoBiondo (2)
Chris Smith (2)
Greg Walden (1)
Jim Gerlach (2)
Dave Reichert (2)