Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, a prominent Democrat representing Silicon Valley, had some choice words during today's Energy & Commerce hearings on the failed Obamacare launch.  Addressing Cheryl Campbell of CGI Federal, Rep. Eshoo said:

"I represent Silicon Valley and I find this very hard to follow.  This is the 21st century. It's 2013.  There are thousands of websites that handle concurrent volumes far larger than what was faced with.  You keep speaking about unexpected volumes,    Ms. Campbell, and that really sticks in my craw.  I have to tell you that. Because as I said, there are thousands of websites that carry far more traffic. So, I think that's really kind of a lame excuse. Amazon and eBay don't crash the week before Christmas, and   ProFlowers doesn't crash on Valentine's Day."

Click the image below to watch the video clip: