The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform earlier this month demanded the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hand over all documents related to Oregon’s failed $305 million Obamacare exchange, known as Cover Oregon.

The Letter sent to HHS “questions about the use of federal funds to develop Cover Oregon remain” amid allegations that control over the exchange was given to campaign consultants concerned with getting then-Gov. Kitzhaber reelected, not fixing the many faults of the system.

According to the Washington Times, the Committee “seeks all communication between employees for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) about the Oregon site, all documents related to the site’s functioning and a description of changes CMS made to its processes on grants and information technology related to federal and state Obamacare websites.”

Oregon received a total of $305,206,587 in federal grant money in order to construct its state-run exchange but failed to produce a workable website and later transferred all its enrollees to the federal system at an estimated cost of $41 million.

The website, which was officially abolished earlier this year enrolled just 68,308 individuals in its first year, mainly through paper applications, and failed to enroll a single individual weeks after the deadline. As a result, it could reach just 29% of its first year goal of 237,000 individuals.

Since then, the FBI, the HHS Inspector General, the Government Accountability Office, and Congress have all launched investigations into Oregon’s exchange. With millions of dollars flushed down the drain, taxpayers deserve to know the truth behind the Cover Oregon debacle.