Yesterday the US House of Representatives voted to approve the Keystone Pipeline by a vote of 241-175. Over 1700 days have passed since the Keystone Pipeline first applied to the State Department for permitting. Instead of approving a project that would create thousands of jobs, billions in economic activity and push America towards energy independence, the President has opted to drag his feet instead. On approving Keystone, Speaker Boehner said:

“The Keystone pipeline will create tens of thousands of American jobs and pump nearly a million barrels of oil to U.S. refineries each day, helping to lower gas prices, boost economic growth, enhance our energy security, and revitalize manufacturing.  The project is backed by a majority of the American people, including members of the president’s own party.  Labor unions have rallied for its approval, saying it’s ‘not just a pipeline, it’s a lifeline.’  Unfortunately, after nearly five years of blocking the project, it’s a lifeline President Obama is refusing to toss American workers.”

President Obama had threatened to veto the Keystone Pipeline if the House passed H.R. 3, the Northern Route Approval Act. Now that the House has overwhelmingly endorsed the Keystone Pipeline yet again, it will be interesting to see if the President will make good on his promise to deny American workers jobs.  Once more it seems this President is more concerned with politics than economic growth.

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