Honoring President Reagan: It Will Only Cost A Dime
Congressman introduces bill to honor 40th president by preserving his memory on our money

WASHINGTON – Since 1946, Americans have seen the image of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on their dimes, but after almost fifty years the dime may get a facelift. A recently introduced bill by Congressman Mark Souder of Indiana seeks to replace FDR\’s image with that of Ronald Reagan to celebrate the remarkable achievements of America\’s 40th president.

While not an entirely new effort by conservatives and Reagan admirers, Mr. Souder\’s "Ronald Reagan Dime Act" was sparked by a TV documentary about the former president that CBS was forced to cancel and hand-off to cable network Showtime due to inaccuracies and mischaracterizations. The bill in Congress may help raise the profile of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which is an effort to memorialize the achievements of President Ronald Reagan that is organized by taxpayer advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform.

"Having President Reagan\’s image on the dime will keep Ronald Reagan\’s memory and achievements fresh for generations to come," said Grover Norquist, Chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project and President of Americans for Tax Reform in Washington D.C. "This is small but lasting way that Americans can show their appreciation for one of their greatest presidents."

The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project\’s mission is to honor and memorialize the historic achievements of President Ronald Reagan. It aims to do so by naming at least one notable public landmark in each state and all 3067 counties after the 40th president.

Mr. Souder\’s bill seeking to replace FDR\’s image with Reagan\’s has met with some opposition from Democrats who want to "leave the dime alone," in the words of Rep. James McGovern, D-Mass.

"Franklin Roosevelt can remain on one side of the dime so long as Ronald Reagan can have the other," continued Norquist. "Just as Americans should remember FDR and the New Deal, they should never forget President Reagan and how he gave America back her spirit. It will only cost a dime."