Desperate to boost Obamacare enrollment, liberals are turning to their most influential ally: Hollywood. The recent rollout of Obamacare, filled with embarrassing missteps, has been disastrous and a complete debacle for the Obama administration. All of Obama’s efforts to promote the exchanges seemed to have borne little fruit, with the Daily Mail reporting that only 51,000 people have enrolled in the exchanges. To combat the negative publicity and haze surrounding Obamacare, Hollywood will soon begin writing flattering storylines about Obamacare and all its glory.

The California Endowment recently awarded a $500,000 grant to a program affiliated with USC Annenberg’s Norman Lear Center. The program’s director told Marketplace that people learn from TV and tend to regard what a fictional doctor tells a fictional patient as fact. In this case, the fictional doctor will tell the fictional patient how to get enrolled in Obamacare. And for that, the writer will probably win an Emmy.

Hollywood is apparently frustrated that politicians have failed to tell stories that will make the American people see the good in Obamacare. I guess Paul Ryan shoving grandma off a cliff doesn’t strike the right tone. Who knew? But now Hollywood is taking over the messaging battle in a last ditch effort to keep Obamacare from toppling down. You can see a new coming of age story in the works: the 26 year-old who buys his own health insurance plan for the first time. That is the new benchmark for achieving manhood.

Curiously absent from these storylines will be the long waits in doctor’s offices thanks to access shock, and the 20 new or higher taxes that Americans are now subjected to. And I doubt much attention will be paid to the skyrocketing premiums, small business that have shuddered their doors, or doctors that have simply closed shop. No matter how hard liberals try, they will never be able to cover up Obamacare’s flaws and problems. The American people are smarter than liberals think.