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During the Sunday, March 6th Democratic debate in Michigan, Hillary Clinton led a verbal assault on the energy extraction method known as “hydraulic fracturing.” In doing so Clinton was not only lying through her teeth in criticizing an extraction method she was all too happy to promote while Secretary of State, but was also ignoring the economic benefits of “fracking,” of which she knows all too well.

When asked at the debate about fracking, Clinton proceeded to outline a slew of far-flung and ideological conditions under which she would oppose the oil and gas extraction method. Clinton closed with a statement so ominous it should give voters in energy rich states extreme cause for concern:

“By the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place.” 

The irony of Clinton’s anti-fracking double-speak is suffocating. Not only has Hillary Clinton urged countries around the world to expand fracking operations during her time as Secretary of State, but has openly praised the benefits of fracking.

Speaking at a 2010 meeting of foreign ministers in Washington, DC, Clinton touted America’s efforts to increase fracking abroad and the known benefits of doing so, stating:

“I know that in some places [it] is controversial,” she said, “but natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available for power generation today, and a number of countries in the Americas may have shale gas resources. If developed, shale gas could make an important contribution to our region’s energy supply, just as it does now for the United States.”

In 2014 Clinton also stated with regard to fracking that “expanding production is creating tens of thousands of new jobs,” and “lower costs are helping give the United Stated a big competitive advantage.” While Hillary may no longer admit this about fracking, her past statements of support are completely accurate.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), fracking has led to reductions in imported energy, down from 60 percent of what the U.S. used in 2004 to 38 percent in 2013. For 2012 alone, this led to a $284 billion increase in U.S. GDP, 2.1 million jobs created, and increased the income of every American household by roughly $1,200.  

Hillary Clinton’s criticism of fracking at the recent Democratic debate is a blatant attempt by her campaign to gain power by appealing to the misinformed prejudices and emotions of the extreme left.

Make no mistake: Hillary Clinton’s new found critique of fracking has nothing to do with actual concerns over the practice itself, as evidenced by her time as Secretary of State. Instead, Hillary’s opposition is simply a thinly veiled, narcissistic effort to combat the momentum of her anti-fracking, socialist primary opponent, nothing more, nothing less.  


Photo credit: edition88