Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Monday night warned of upcoming plans for “revenue enhancements” to be announced by the candidate.

In a tweet, press secretary Brian Fallon said: “We are rolling out major policy proposals over the summer/fall. Among these proposals will be revenue enhancements.”

The Clinton camp’s warning of tax increases is consistent with a career record in support of tax hikes and opposition to tax cuts. As a Senator, Clinton voted against income tax relief for all Americans. 

Other key tax votes include:

  • Voted against cutting the capital gains and dividends tax.
  • Voted against killing the Death Tax.
  • Voted against doubling the child tax credit.
  • Voted against ending the marriage penalty for most Americans.
  • Voted against killing the Alternative Minimum Tax


Hillary Clinton’s use of the Orwellian term “revenue enhancements” echoes language from the Bill Clinton White House, which described taxes as “broad-based contributions.”