C-SPAN Washington Journal hosted ATR President Grover Norquist this week to discuss a number of issues including President Obama’s fiscal year 2017 budget proposal and tax reform plans from the 2016 presidential candidates.

Focusing in on Hillary Clinton’s proposals, Grover illuminates her support of a 25 percent national sales tax on guns. Clinton was asked by then-Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) if she supported the imposition of a new, 25 percent national sales tax on guns. Clinton emphatically endorsed the tax, stating: “I am all for that.”

The implications for this tax would harm millions of firearm and ammunition related jobs across the country. Her decision to support a national sales tax on guns is a clear attempt at gun control through other means.

Grover also illustrated the changing electorate and how it relates to gun ownership as more and more Americans have concealed carry permits:

“…her approach is so old. Underneath the still waters, the country has been changing. It’s a different electorate than when Hillary Clinton started running.”

Click here to watch Grover Norquist speak about Hillary and her take on gun control in the twenty-first century!