Add a VAT to the list of tax increases Hillary Clinton has endorsed in her career. Back in 1993 Hillary Clinton endorsed a Value-Added-Tax as high as 22 percent. This was reported by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak in their Chicago Sun Times column on 23 April 1993.

“The first lady calmly told a closed-door senators-only briefing that a value-added tax is indeed being studied to finance health care. As one senior Democratic senator remembered, Mrs. Clinton said the range under consideration runs all the way up to 22 percent.”

She endorsed it back then as a way of paying for her ‘Hillarycare’ plans. Hillary has mentioned that she wants to reform Obamacare if she gets elected, so there is a risk she will revive this idea of obtaining funds for her plans.

Around the world, politicians use VATs as a cash cow to grow the size of government. One of the Left’s long term tax goals is to impose a VAT in the United States.

The fact that she endorsed a VAT is unknown to many but is just one tax hike on the list of many she has proposed.

Payroll Tax Hike – Hillary said she would not veto a payroll tax increase on all Americans should such a bill reach her desk. She said she would set her middle class tax pledge aside. This took place Jan. 12 in Iowa, and it’s on video:

Moderator: “Democrats have introduced a plan that Senator Sanders supports that you’ve come out against because it is funded by a payroll tax. If that were to reach your desk as President, would you veto it in order to make good on your tax pledge?

Hillary Clinton: “No. No.”

Soda Tax Hike – Hillary endorsed a steep new soda pop tax in Philadelphia. This will cost soda purchasers an extra $2.16 per 12-pack. Bernie Sanders called out Hillary’s violation of her middle class tax pledge:

“Frankly, I am very surprised that Secretary Clinton would support this regressive tax after pledging not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. This proposal clearly violates her pledge,” he said.

Sanders also said: “The mechanism here is fairly regressive. And that is, it will be increasing taxes on low-income and working people.”

25% National Gun Tax – Hillary endorsed a new national 25% retail sales tax on guns. “I am all for that,” she told the Senate in 1993. On June 5, 2016 she was asked about her gun tax endorsement by George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week. She acknowledged her gun tax endorsement and did not disavow it, saying she wanted the gun tax money to pay for Hillarycare. If you have any doubts about her strong desire to impose a new gun tax, watch her face in the video.

65% Death Tax – Hillary is now pushing a 65% Death Tax. And her own finances are arranged to shield herself from death taxes.

Capital Gains Tax Hike – Hillary has proposed the most complex and Byzantine capital gains tax regime in American history, with ten different rates. She raises the top capital gains tax rate from 23.8% to 43.4%.

Carbon Tax – Hillary’s campaign has opened the door to a carbon tax if she wins the White House. Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer is also fantasizing about a carbon tax under Hillary, and a carbon tax is part of the official 2016 Democrat party platform.

Many of these proposed tax hikes break her pledge not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000. The VAT tax is another example of her breaking her pledge. A value-added-tax is highly regressive.

Clinton’s overall tax plan raises taxes by $1.4 trillion. Americans for Tax Reform is tracking all of Clinton’s tax hikes at www.HighTaxHillary.com