Americans for Tax Reform opposes any and all efforts to increase the overall tax and regulatory burden on taxpayers and business. Our mission is to decrease the size of government by curtailing the government’s power to levy taxes and impose regulations.  

Americans for Tax Reform believes that the ideal tax system is one in which all consumed income is taxed once (and only once) at one low, flat rate.  Any income that is saved should be excluded from taxation (alternatively, the yield on savings could be exempt).  Since all income is eventually consumed, this would create a consumption tax base.  Many economists—liberal to conservative—believe that a consumption tax base is best for maximizing economic growth.

A consumption base can be implemented either at the cash register level (e.g., a national sales tax), or at the paycheck level (e.g. a flat income tax).  In both cases, the consumption base is identical.  The only difference is in the timing of the tax.

Americans for Tax Reform relies solely on contributions from taxpayers who believe in our mission of a single rate tax and a smaller, more accountable government. Americans for Tax Reform is a section 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions or gifts to ATR are not tax deductible.

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