Instead of taking your significant other out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, the federal government wants you to purchase compulsory government-run health insurance for them: how romantic.

This past week the Obama administration announced that the new deadline to purchase health insurance under Obamacare has been moved.  The deadlinepreviously January 1, 2014, was later moved to March 31, 2014. Now the Obama administration has once again changed the date, this time to February 15, 2014, just after Valentine’s Day, so coverage can go into effect by March 1.

The date change is also necessary to ensure that the IRS can process all paperwork by April 15.

While online enrollment for Obamacare is now open, numbers of those actually registering and receiving health insurance are devastatingly low, due to an incredible amount of glitches in the Obamacare website.The website, which cost taxpayers $93 million to build, is only one of many problems which remain to be seen as the rocky implementation of the federally mandated healthcare law continues.