In the 60 seconds it took the President to sign the massive government takeover of healthcare into law, it has already cost taxpayers $2970.

The 20 pens (update: we just found out he used 22, two extra for archives), the President used are custom made from Cross, a Rhode Island based company. Specifically, Mr. Obama used a "Townsend Tango – Black Lacquer/Engraved Rhodium Plated Selectip Rolling Ball Pen" – but his were made custom bearing his signature.

Retailing at $135 a piece, these Presidential memorabilia are really symbols of self-indulgence and further examples of excessive government waste.

However this is not something new with the Obama administration, almost all Presidents have adopted this symbolic multiple-pen-signing approach.

I say, go all out. Get a 24kt. gold ring with your initials on them, melt some expensive imported wax, and punch-seal that thing like a true leader!