Earlier this month, RealClearPolitics ran an op-ed warning Americans they should be horrified of government run health care. The op-ed was very informative, providing a number of statistics that debunked the myth that America’s health care system is worse of than Great Britain’s. (For example: Britain’s prostate cancer fatality rate is 57%, while ours is just 19%.)

But perhaps our friends on the Left won’t respond to cold, hard statistics. Not to worry. Recently, The National Center for Public Policy research released a book called Shattered Lives: 100 Victims of Government Health Care. (The book is available for free online in a .pdf file at www.nationalcenter.org) The chapter on Great Britain is nearly seventy pages long, briefly telling dozens of horror stories about the National Health Service (NHS). The personal stories of patients going blind, losing teeth, or even worse, passing away, paint a much larger picture: a draconian government-controlled healthcare system should not be embraced here in the States.

This op-ed and this newly released book give you the facts and horror stories to continue the health care debate, knowledge in hand.