Back in 2009, when President Obama was trying to convince the nation and Congress that we needed a trillion-dollar stimulus program, he said “The jobs we create will be in businesses large and small across a wide range of industries.” He insisted his program would put Americans back to work.

Did Obama’s stimulus create jobs?  Sort of, but at what cost? 

The Hawaii Reporter just published a study in which they determined that The Stimulus Program created 2,046 jobs in their state.

The cost for these 2,046 jobs? $1.329-billion in taxpayer dollars!

That’s about $650,000 per job!

When Obama talks about spending cuts, maybe he shouldn’t threaten Social Security; he should look to the products of his stimulus plan and realize that $650,000 a job is a hefty price-tag.


WHAT DO YOU THINK: Is there a lighter side to this waste of money?