Tax Bonus

Employees of The Hammock Source, a Greenville, N.C. – based manufacturer, were surprised with tax reform bonus checks during an announcement on Thursday. Employees received up to $1,000 based on length of service. The company is now among the 260-plus that have announced tax reform bonuses, pay raises, and 401(k) match increases.

According to a company press release:

“Success is only attainable by having good people. We at The Hammock Source want to continue to invest in the people that have made our business successful. President Trump’s tax cuts will provide the funds to make this desire a reality. We hope that other businesses will follow our lead and give back to their employees as well. Keeping an American manufacturing business running profitably has been a challenge over the last decade. The future economic environment looks better for our business and we want our employees to have a gain in that future success early on. People make a business successful, not buildings, not machines. It’s the people.” – Walter Perkins III, CEO, The Hammock Source.

Perkins shared that each of The Hammock Source’s Employees, including new hires and part-time employees, will receive a bonus based on their length of service to the company. The company employs approximately 150 people with over ten percent having twenty or more years tenure with the Perkins Family’s Business.

The family business started over 40 years ago when founder Walker Perkins Jr. began crafting and selling his own hammocks out of the back of an old Toyota pickup. The company is now the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of hammocks.

The bonus checks were placed in envelopes featuring an American flag and the words “Trump Republican Tax Reform Bonus.”

The national list of tax reform good news can be found here.