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Americans for Tax Reform commends Guy Nohra, candidate for Governor of Nevada, for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written commitment to Nevada taxpayers that, if elected, he will oppose and veto any and all efforts to raise taxes. 

Guy Nohra has made it clear that he will maintain Nevada’s 0% income tax rate. With Nohra’s signing of the taxpayer protection pledge, Nevada households can rest assured that state taxes will not go up during a Nohra administration. 

“I’m proud to be the first and only candidate for Nevada Governor to sign the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As Governor, I want Nevada taxpayers know that I will always have their back,” Nohra said.  

By signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, candidates and incumbents make a written commitment to oppose any and all tax increases. While ATR has the role of promoting and monitoring the Pledge, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is made to a candidate’s constituents, who deserve to know where candidates stand on the tax issue. Since the Pledge is a prerequisite for many voters, it is considered binding as long as an individual holds the office for which they signed the Pledge. 

“I want to congratulate Guy Nohra for taking the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, A written commitment to Nevadans, who deserve better than tax-and-spend policies that fall hard on the backs of hardworking families and small businesses. They want real solutions that create jobs, cut government spending, and make Nevada a more attractive place to live and raise a family,” said Grover Norquist, president of ATR. 

 “By signing the Pledge, Guy has demonstrated that he understands the problems of hard-working taxpayers in Nevada. Steve Sisolak has made it clear he will continue to pursue a higher tax and spend agenda that grows government and increases the burden of state spending on taxpayers. Nevadans deserve better” Norquist continued. 

Today, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is offered to every candidate for state and federal office and to all incumbents. Nearly 1,400 elected officials, from state representative to governor to US Senator, have signed the Pledge.  

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. For the most up-to-date information on this race or any other, please visit the ATR Pledge Database. 

Candidates for governor can still make this important commitment to voters by visiting: