The political classes have long argued that we ought become more like Canada, particularly when it comes to adopting their healthcare system. So it is instructive to see where the Canadian political class go to receive medical treatment. Obviously, if socialist medicine was the paradise its proponents claimed, they would get it in Canada, right?

Of course, no-one would seriously take that claim with a straight face. Because the reality is, if you want good medical treatment in Canada, you pretty much have only one option – travel to the United States. Which is exactly what Newfoundland and Labrador Premier (think Governor) Danny Williams did last week, when he traveled to the United States for heart surgery. According to his representative, "Williams travelled to the U.S. for the surgery because itwasn’t being offered to him in his home province.

If socialized medicine isn’t good enough for socialist politicians, why do they want to inflict it upon the U.S. public?