Washington, DC-Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has received a signed Taxpayer Protection Pledge from Richard Vinroot, gubernatorial candidate of North Carolina.  The pledge states:
I, (name), pledge to the taxpayers of the State of North Carolina and all the people of this state, that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.
"Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a commitment by Richard Vinroot to the taxpayers of North Carolina to oppose any and all efforts to increases taxes.   Mr. Vinroot understands the difficulties experienced by the hard-working citizens of North Carolina and realizes how excessive taxation adds upon that burden to everyday life.  Mr. Vinroot is committed to leading the fight for lower taxes for North Carolina\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s taxpayers so that they can spend the money they worked very hard to earn on things important to them," stated Damon Ansell, vice president of policy.  "We challenge other candidates such as Dennis Wicker, Leo Daughtry, Mike Easley, and Chuck Neely to make the same commitment to North Carolina\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s taxpayers."
"Taxpayers in the state of North Carolina and all across America have for far too long, been subject to the whims of politicians who are more interested in obeying the wishes of special interest tax and spenders than in serving the general interests of the taxpayer.  Taxes are too high and, unless changes occur, they will go even higher.  That is why these pledge signers are so important," said Grover Norquist, President of ATR.
"Only when the governors of each state stand up and say \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’No! I will not sign any tax increase\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ will government begin to pare down the waste and bloated bureaucracy that tax increases feed.  The more anti-tax, pro-taxpayer governors, that the American people elect, ensures that there will never be another tax hike.  The pledge defines how candidates stand on the tax issue for the upcoming election," Norquist concluded.
ATR is coalition of individuals, taxpayer groups and businesses concerned with tax policy, spending reduction, and restoring accountability to elected officials.  To date, ATR has collected signed pledges from 209 U.S. Representatives and 41 U.S. Senators, 1100 State legislators and presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush.