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3 February 2010

Dear Senator:

On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and millions of taxpaying Americans and their families, I ask you to sponsor an alternative to the “Jobs Bill” that does not increase government spending, “The No Cost Stimulus Act.”

This critical piece of legislation will create more than 2 million long-term, sustainable and well paying jobs while helping reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. Supported by Senators Barrasso, Brownback, Bond, Bunning, Crapo, Coburn, Cochram, Cornyn, DeMint, Ensign, Enzi, Hutchinson, Inhofe, Risch, Sessions, Shelby and Vitter (as of this writing), this legislation could increase GDP by $10 trillion over the next 30 years.

Additionally, specific sections of this bill will drastically reduce the cost of energy for every American family while providing jobs in the United States:

  • Create 1.2 million long-term jobs by opening offshore mineral lease areas
  • Provide more than $2.2 trillion in incremental tax receipts
  • Extends state boundaries to 12 miles so states have control over their offshore areas
  • Opens ANWR areas to create 730,000 American-based jobs
  • Streamlines the nuclear licensing process to add 610,000 jobs to the economy
  • Saves 500,000 per year by preventing the EPA from regulating CO2
  • Simplifies the energy leasing judicial review process advancing 300 new projects

All of the above job creation, GDP growth and energy independence can be achieved without adding increasing the amount of government spending.

One of President Obama’s clear messages in his State of the Union address was that he wanted to hear good ideas, from both parties. The “No Cost Stimulus Act” is exactly that. 

For more information, contact federal affairs manager Brian Johnson in my office at [email protected] and contact Bryan Zumwalt in Senator Vitter’s office at [email protected] to become a sponsor.

Grover G. Norquist

cc:    All Members of the US Senate