In a Daily Beast article written by Olivia Nuzzi, Grover Norquist is quoted emphasizing that he thinks criminal justice reform will be a hot topic for Republicans vying for the GOP nomination in the next presidential election:

Grover Norquist, the libertarian tax activist and noted Burning Man attendee, told The Daily Beast: “By the time we get to the caucuses, every single Republican running for president will be versed on this, and largely in the same place… Some guys will be playing catchup ball, but I do believe that, largely, this will become a consensus issue within the center-right.”

In an article from California Watchdog written by Eric Boehm, ATR staff member Patrick Gleason is quoted talking about the nonsensical concept behind the idea of banning plastic bags at checkout, which California has made a law:

As Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform pointed out in a 2011 National Review article about the San Francisco plastic bag ban: “I don’t know about you, but bags from the store I usually keep to reuse again, to line waste bins, clean up after a pet, etc., so when you don’t have a stockpile built up and aren’t saving these bags, you have to go buy new ones. This goes together with the nonsensical nature of this policy, which has no positive impact on the environment. What’s the point of discriminating against bags on one side of the checkout from bags on the other?”

Quoted in a Chattanooga, Tennessee Times Free Press article, written by Mike Pare, Center for Worker Freedom executive director Matt Patterson speaks about Volkswagen breaking its own rules by allowing workers to use paid time on the job to vote on behalf of union organization:

However, the Center for Worker Freedom said that plant management have told superviors that some workers will be allowed to take time off to vote in the election without being charged vacation time.

The Center said this is a violation of the company’s own policy, which is known for its strict accounting of employee time away from the job.

“This is yet another example of Volkswagen managment bending over backward to make it easier for the UAW to organize in Chattanooga, despite their promises to remain neutral in the matter,” said CWF Executive Director Matt Patterson in a statement. “In effect, VW would be paying employees to do union activity if they allow this to happen.”