In the 56th episode of the Grover Norquist show, ATR president Grover Norquist discusses the differences between “Real Energy and Subsidized Energy”, real energy being the production of reliable and affordable energy like oil, natural gas, and coal, whilst subsidized energy is made viable only through special interests handouts that cost taxpayers without creating sizable or reliable energy supplies. 

Norquist is joined by Americans for Prosperity Federal Affairs Director Chrissy Harbin in discussing the crony capitalism and the latest attempts to extend renewable energy provisions in the FAA reauthorization bill.  As they state in the show, “Overwhelmingly when you look at where these subsidies go…they’re going to politically connected large companies.  This would be on top of the additional subsidies that were extended.”  The cost of the renewable provisions passed in December will cost upwards of $20 billion

Allowing lawmakers to extend even more renewable handouts to special interests in the FAA reauthorization bill will only further place an unaffordable burden on the American taxpayer and distort the market.

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