Kansas race

A United Liberty article by Matthew Hurtt highlights why Grover Norquist calls Kansas’ gubernatorial election “the most important race in the 2014 cycle”. Hurtt writes extensively about Grover’s support for Brownback and his achievements.

The genius of Brownback’s 2013 legislation to abolish the income tax over time is that the law now states that each year that state revenue comes in above a two percent increase—and this happens in a normal period of modest growth—all the additional revenue is used to permanently reduce the state personal income tax. Beginning in 2019, after the first round of tax rate reductions are enacted, every year the personal income tax rates will fall until they hit zero. Then the corporate income tax rate will be brought down year by year to zero. Lastly, Kansas has a banking tax that will then be reduced to zero. The tax rates will ratchet down every year there is modest growth in state revenues.  Kansas can—and now by law will—fund necessary government expenses out of the revenues from growth over time and use those to replace the personal and business income taxes.


In a Fox News Politics article, Barnini Charaborty writes about the tight Senate race in North Carolina, stating that key conservative groups have spent $14 million to elect Republican Thom Tillis to fill incumbent Kay Hagan’s seat and are also increasing vocal support for Tillis.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, followed with a simple message: “We are low maintenance. We are a ‘leave us alone’ coalition.”