Today, Human Events features a piece by Grover on the importance of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge for the 2010 elections. As you know, ATR asks candidates for state and federal elected office to promise, in writing, to vote against tax increases. Has your candidate for elected office signed the “Anti-Tax” Pledge? If not, ask them which tax hikes they support.

Here’s a snippet from Grover’s article:

This great divide between those who publically and irrevocably take tax increases off the table and demand spending restraint and those who remain “open” to tax increases in place of spending cuts is dramatically revealed in the 2010 elections.

The Tea Party movement is demanding that candidates commit to reducing government spending. Politicians are forced to focus on spending only when tax increases are permanently and irrevocably off the table. Then and only then will elected officials do the hard work of prioritizing, ending failed programs and laying off the incompetent.

Raising taxes is what politicians do when they don’t have the strength to actually govern.

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