The following comments can be attributed to Grover Norquist, regarding the Comcast-TimeWarner merger: 

“The marketplace is adjusting to consumer demand, the government should not meddle beyond antitrust concerns in a free-market transaction.”

Americans for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist, and Executive Director of Digital Liberty, Katie McAuliffe filed comments with the FCC regarding the TWC-Comcast merger.

They spoke out strongly against the FCC interfering or adding any further conditions to the merger. In their comments, they make the case that the TWC-Comcast merger presents neither horizontal nor vertical anti-trust issues, stating that it will not result in any significant loss of competition. They also argue that the FCC has disregarded the limits of its own authority and used public interest to justify adding numerous, excessive, coercive conditions to the merger review, seeming to be aimed toward forcibly equalizing both competitors rather than being aimed at benefiting the consumers. As a final crushing blow to the FCC’s draconian review, they note that TWC and Comcast have already agreed between themselves on many of the FCC’s previously imposed conditions, before the FCC had even shoved itself in the middle.

Read the comments in full here.