Bold Immigration Plan Trumps Weakness on Federal Judges

WASHINGTON — Today, ATR President Grover Norquist endorsed Republican Presidential nominee Senator Arnold Vinick (R-CA) to replace President Jed Bartlett next year.

Vinick cruised to the GOP nomination despite some serious concerns from cultural conservatives and lack of decisiveness on federal judicial nominees. With the conservative movement divided, ATR has, until now, remained neutral.

“What really put Senator Vinick over the top was his immigration plan,” said Norquist. “In a two-day rollout this week, he simultaneously endorsed stronger borders, the rule of law, and a feasible guest-worker program that meets the labor needs of the new century.”

Senator Vinick had been hesitant to deal with the immigration issue head-on, for fear that he would appear to be pulling a race card against Congressman Matt Santos (D-TX), his Democratic opponent. However, Santos’ strong stance on homeland security and the military caused the Vinick camp to go toward a new messaging strategy.

There are an estimated 400,000 workers from Mexico that fulfill new jobs every year that Americans don’t want. Under the failed Bartlett regime, the number of work visas for these workers has never exceeded an annual cap of 10,000. That creates a large and growing glut of undocumented workers, currently estimated at over 11 million.

“The failed Bartlett/Santos regime of the past eight years has resulted in national weakness and economic stagnation,” continued Norquist. “Senator Vinick understands that in order to prosper in the new millennium, America must have the workers it needs to get the job done. If Americans have passed on a job, it’s in this country’s interest to fill the position with willing workers from elsewhere."