Matthew Belvedere of CNBC covered Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist’s appearance on “Squawk Box,” where Norquist discussed the federal gasoline tax.

Norquist agrees that something needs to be done to fix America’s aging infrastructure, but the federal government should play little part in it. “This is a bait and switch that politicians play all the time. President Obama spent $800 billion with a stimulus package, which was supposed to pave all the highways.”

That did not work, Norquist said. “We should push down to governors and mayors the responsibility for raising their own taxes and building their own roads.”

Grover Norquist wrote an op-ed for USA Today regarding tax extender legislation.

Making the pro-growth extenders permanent will give businesses certainty in planning investment, avoiding the loss of jobs and growth that higher taxes would bring, and end the political game of holding temporary tax hikes hostage. Politicians should not raise taxes as part of a return to honest accounting and an end to playing games with the tax code.

Patrick Gleason, director of state affairs at Americans for Tax Reform, wrote an op-ed for Forbes, detailing a low-tax environment trend among NHL free agents.

The 57 percent of NHL free agents who went to teams with lower tax burdens will take home over $7.9 million more in income than if they had stayed with their previous teams in higher tax jurisdictions. It’s bad enough that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, but this new report also shows how U.S. states are becoming less competitive in vying for talent compared to Canadian provinces due to relatively high personal income tax rates.

Forbes published an op-ed written by Americans for Tax Reform federal affairs manager Chris Prandoni, about costly carbon taxes.

The reason Americans and Congress oppose carbon taxes and the EPA’s Clean Power Plan is because they are enormously expensive, kill jobs, increase electricity prices, and decrease economic growth. Intuitively this makes sense, forcing Americans to use more expensive electricity means that the cost of electricity will increase.