Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist explained in this Daily Caller Op-ed that in the last few years the political climate has shifted to the advantage of Reagan Republicans.

The first change was when opposition to government spending became a vote-moving issue…Spending was thought to be politically popular with recipients of taxpayer largesse and unseen by taxpayers until “spend too much” became “tax hike.”

Now that democrats are faced with the spending constraints of Sequester, Grover sees an advantage for Republicans:

Now the Democrats face a decade of limited spending courtesy the hard-won sequester. They feel the sequester as a tight choke collar. They can hardly breathe. They desperately want to remove or at least loosen the choke collar, the sequester.

With that leverage, they are able to take tax hikes off the table completely.

We now have only a loosening of the sequester temporarily for real, permanent, changes in law to reduce long term entitlement spending…The tax hike/spending cut promise grand bargain no longer stands as the temptation/threat alongside all budget fights in Washington. Tax hikes truly are off the table.

Norquist went on to say when the GOP is able to gain control of the Senate and Executive branch, like we forgot to do in 2012, substantial reforms in the form of Congressman Ryan’s plan will be able to implemented.

A sign of hope for overtaxed Americans.