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ATR president Grover Norquist joined Connell McShane on Fox Business Network’s After the Bell to discuss California latest tax hike attempt, which could lead to the nation’s highest state corporate income tax rate.

The bill would increase taxes on companies that post at least $10 million of taxable income. The size of the tax increase would be proportional to the pay gap between the CEO and employees. The larger the gap, the larger the tax increase.

Norquist responded: 

“It’s a massive tax increase. California has an 8.8 percent corporate income tax on top of the 21 percent national, federal tax. They want to take that up to 11 to 15 percent. So it’s a massive tax increase to start with. But then they go, “Oh, but we’ll hit you even more if you don’t pay people the way we want you to.”

Boards of Directors are responsible and shareholders are responsible for firing any CEO who overpays himself or herself. It shouldn’t be the government’s decision to tell you. Sometimes, somebody who’s a CEO can be worth a lot of money, sometimes not… If you want to be in the business of setting pay, vote as a shareholder, work in the business of owning part of the company. The people who should care are the people who own it. They don’t want to waste money. They don’t want to waste millions of dollars on a CEO that’s not any good.”

California’s brutal tax and regulatory environment continues to drive people and companies out of the state. State politicians don’t seem to know or care.

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