In an interview with Washington Journal on C-SPAN this morning, ATR president Grover Norquist discussed a wide range of topics, including President Obama’s final budget request, the tax and budget plans put forth by 2016 presidential candidates and the changing electorate that may determine the outcome of the election.

In this 4-minute excerpt, Grover discusses the minimum wage, Hillary Clinton’s 25% tax on guns, homeschooling, Uber, eBay, and vaping.

Grover explains that a lot of the thinking behind new regulations and taxes comes from outdated laws and understandings of the economy and its consumers. Such is certainly the case with vaping. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finalizing rules that will subject tobacco-free technology products, electronic cigarettes, to a tobacco regulatory network. This may impact the presidential race, for those who fail to understand this problematic approach to governing. 

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“Freedom issues that run up against old laws that don’t make any sense anymore and each of these expanding freedoms have changed the nature of the electorate.” 

On vaping, Grover explains:

“Our liberal friends want to tax, regulate and in fact have announced that they want to have a prohibition, like we did with liquor, on vaping. The FDA’s moving towards that.”  

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