The Economist newspaper is hosting a debate on whether creating "green jobs is a sensible aspiration for governments". On one side is Professor Andrew Morriss, from the University of Illinois, and on the other, disgraced Marxist and 9/11 "truther" Van Jones (hardly a fair fight really!).

As Morriss rightly points out, "Governments should not try to choose technological winners and losers and so they should not promote "green" (or "red" or "purple") jobs…we know how to improve energy efficiency, develop new technologies and create new jobs: unleash entrepreneurs and take advantage of markets".

As we have noted previously, in Spain, for every "green job" created 2.2 jobs were lost, and in Germany, the government subsidy required to produce just one green job can be as high as €175,000, or $US240,000.

We strongly encourage you to go to the Economist’s website, read Morriss’ well thought out piece, and vote for truth, freedom, and creating real jobs!