Govenor Jim Justice by DSC_1308 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Americans for Tax Reform congratulates Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As a Pledge Signer, Justice has made the bold commitment to West Virginia taxpayers that he will oppose and veto all income tax hikes. 

“I applaud Governor Justice for pledging to the people of West Virginia that he will oppose all tax increases. In doing so, Governor Justice has proven to West Virginians that he is focused on making sure they keep their hard earned money and on growing West Virginia’s economy,” said ATR President Grover Norquist, “West Virginians can rest well at night knowing that Governor Justice has their best interests at heart and that he cares about the kitchen-table issues which matter most to them.”

It is clear that Governor Justice is ready to push back on policies which are corrosive to the West Virginia economy. In fact, he is currently advocating for a 50% income tax cut for all West Virginians. Justice will add West Virginia to a growing list of states which are cutting their income tax rates, which has proven to be driver of increased population in states which have adopted lower taxes. Meanwhile, Democrat-run, high tax states such as New York and California are losing tens of thousands of residents every year as they look for greener pastures such as Florida, Texas, and soon, West Virginia. 

In pushing for a 50% tax cut and signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, Governor Jim Justice has proven that he is pro-growth, anti-tax, and anti-big government, and West Virginians will come out all the better for it.