New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is hunkering down against fracking even while Democrats across the country are realizing that is a naive stance. While New York businesses suffer due to harsh regulations and high taxes, fracking provides a solution for upstate New York workers looking for well-paying jobs and a reduction in energy costs.

In Colorado, Pelosi lapdog, Rep. Jared Polis has already lost his battle against American natural gas. He is pulling down his two ballot initiatives against fracking at the urging of Democrats, including the vulnerable Governor John Hickenlooper (D) and Senator Mark Udall (D). Both face strong, principled opponents in their battle for re-election.

Smart Democrats know it is politically dangerous to oppose this boom in American energy which is producing thousands of jobs and providing cost relief for millions of Americans. New York’s neighbor, Pennsylvania – for instance –  gained over ten thousand jobs from 2009-2011 with average earnings of $70,000 a year due to their fracking boom. Nationally, the price of natural gas dropped drastically from a 2003-08 average of $7.20 per million BTUs down to $2.80 in 2012. American families saved $32.5 billion in 2012 while green energy mandated Europeans have seen their energy costs skyrocket.

Fracking creates well-paying jobs and encourages investment into American, rather than foreign, energy. Contact Governor Cuomo here and call him at (518) 474-8390 to tell him that fracking is the right solution for New York.

Photo Credit: Diana Robinson