You’d think politicians would get used to taking and spending their constituents’ money, but apparently the arbitrary nature of redistribution bothers even them sometimes. At a Washington state town hall last week, Keli Carender confronted Democrat Congressman Norm Dicks with the reality of health care reform:

Carender threw down this challenge to her congressman:

“If you are so keen to forcibly take from one person to give to another who you deem as needier than me, if you believe that it is absolutely moral to take my money and give it to someone else based on their supposed need, then you come and take this twenty dollars from me and use it as a down payment on this health care plan.”

Congressman Dicks refused to take money from Carender or any of the other audience members who defiantly waved bills at him. It would have been too unseemly to openly acknowledge the reality of Democrat health care reform. Now Dicks must decide whether he will vote to forcibly tax the same constituents whose money he would not accept when it was offered voluntarily. Let’s hope he is as embarrassed by the idea of arbitrary takings as he seems in the video – and not just embarrassed at getting caught!