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The state that led an education revolution is staying at the top of the pack as Florida will now have universal education savings accounts.

Thanks to Gov. DeSantis and Florida Republicans, even more families will have the freedom to choose how their child is educated. The bill will offer scholarships to all Floridians to choose which school they attend, whether a public school or a private option which may better suit their needs. HB 1 empowers all Florida parents to make sure that their children are being taught in a manner consistent with their values.

In announcing the bill’s passage, DeSantis said “Today’s bill signing cements us in that number one position because we’ll be signing legislation which will represent the largest expansion of education choice not only in the history of this state but in the history of these United States. That is a big deal.”

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, agrees: “Florida keeps winning because Gov. DeSantis and Republican legislators keep putting freedom first. They trust Florida parents to know what is best for their children, just like they trust taxpayers to spend their own money better than the government can. We’re thrilled to cheer the signing of universal school choice. With Gov. DeSantis’ leadership, more victories are right around the corner.”

Florida continues to put people and freedom first. These efforts were most recently rewarded with Florida taking in enough new residents that it gained a Congressional seat, while states with oppressive tax rates and regulatory burdens lost thousands of residents.