Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell recently offered some advice to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell when it comes to funding a possible $500 million transportation spending increase. While it remains unclear where the revenue for this spending hike would come from, former Gov. Rendell did not mix words when he suggested that Gov. McDonnell tell Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, to “pound sand”, and suggested that McDonnell should raise taxes. With that in mind, ATR would suggest that McDonnell take a look at Rendell’s record and decide if he really is the best person to take advice from.

During Rendell’s time as governor for the better part of the last decade, Pennsylvania’s total operating budget rose from $45 billion to $66 billion, while the General Fund Budget increased from $20 billion to $28 billion. Despite inflation being under 20 percent, spending increased by 47 percent. Not only was spending a problem during Rendell’s tenure – leaving his successor with a $4 billion deficit to close –Rendell was also well known for diverting taxpayer dollars from all over the state to Philly’s corrupt SEPTA.

Gov. Rendell even refused to leave office quietly, instead calling for an 8% tax on oil company profits. Pennsylvania lawmakers told Rendell to “pound sand” back then, and, given Rendell’s record, Virginia lawmakers would be wise to tell the MSNBC contributor the same.