Kansas Governor Sam Brownback continues efforts to reform the Kansas state government, this time with a rollback in state spending and enacting efficiencies to state programs. The general fund allotment plan would address the state’s projected $280 million overspending problem in FY 2015.

The plan would enact a four percent reduction in spending to “Cabinet Level and Other SGF [State General Fund] Funded Agencies.” The Kansas Legislature would also be asked to vote on a four percent reduction in their spending as well. In addition to enacting spending restrain regarding state general funds, Gov. Brownback has proposed using efficiencies to find savings in non-general fund accounts including the Highway Fund.

Americans for Tax Reform applauds Gov. Brownback for continuing to engage in much needed fiscal reforms in Kansas and building on historic tax cuts. Additional reforms that could be pursued to reduce the state’s overspending problem include moving to a defined contribution pension plan, pushing for the adoption of zero-based budgeting, and the adoption of reforms recommended in the Kansas Policy Institutes model budget plan.