President Trump has released his guest list for tonight’s State of the Union Address, and one guest in particular has felt the benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  

Roy James is the Plant Manager of the Vicksburg Forest Products lumber facility in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Roy put 26 years in the company, eventually becoming Vice President of Operations.

After spending nearly three decades at the company, Roy was told that the plant was closing its doors.

Fortunately the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allowed states to designate “Opportunity Zones” — economically distressed areas where new investors can receive tax incentives for investing in the community.

The location of the Vicksburg plant was designated an opportunity zone, and the plant reopened.

Since the Vicksburg facility was reopened, Roy was promoted to Plant Manager, and now oversees the entire facility.

Roy’s story is yet another example of how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been a smashing success for millions of American families and small businesses. ATR has chronicled examples ofhundreds of companies giving their employees pay raises, increased benefits, and bonuses since the GOP tax bill was signed into law.