Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on Monday in New Hampshire that outlined her proposal to reduce student loan debt through a $350 billion tax hike. Republican candidates were quick to criticize Clinton’s plan.

Speaking with Fox News on Monday morning, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) argued that Clinton’s plans for college financing are outdated.

“All that she’s talking about is ‘let’s raise taxes and let’s pour a bunch of money into a 20th-century outdated model,” Sen. Rubio said. “This is the thing they always do on the left — she has to figure out who to raise taxes on. This is about making, doing business in American even more expensive.”

Sen. Rubio, who spoke to paying off his student loans during the first Republican presidential debate, went on to argue that Clinton’s plan, “pours money into an outdated system,” and explaining that he wants to create a college system that is more flexible and practical.

“A lot of them (college students)are going to graduate with a degree that doesn’t lead to a job,” said the senator, pointing out that students need to be prepared for the current job market. “That’s why I believe that before you take out a loan, for that matter everyone, should be told how much people make when they graduate from that school and with that degree so people have an understanding of what they’re studying and where it’s going to lead.”

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also came out in opposition to Clinton’s plan, calling it “fiscally irresponsible.” 

“This irresponsible proposal would raise taxes, increase government debt, and double-down on the failed Obama economic policies that have led to a ‘new normal’ of sluggish economic growth, rising college costs spurred by Washington, and limited opportunities for all Americans – including recent college graduates,” said Bush on his website.

Bush went onto say that, “We don’t need more top-down Washington solutions that will raise the cost of college even further and shift the burden to hardworking taxpayers.”